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Your well-being matters.

Quality of Life Inc. (QLI) is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. QLI works to inspire, promote, and enhance the “Quality of Life” of youth and their families in our community through personal, educational, and social development and growth.

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Five Essential Elements

Career Well-being
Career Well-being
Social Well-being
Social Well-being
Financial Well-being
Financial Well-being
Physical Well-being
Physical Well-being
Community Well-being
Community Well-being

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We provide services to the community from referrals, for programming, and with partnerships.


What We Offer

Truancy Prevention


Life Skills Coaching

Re-entry Services

QLI provides services in the form of referrals, programming, and partnerships that assist the underserved in our area. We cover a broad spectrum of service with daily/weekly/monthly activities and annual events. We are always available to help. We provide the following: Truancy Prevention and Reduction, Mentoring, Life Skills Coaching, and Group Coaching & Peer Redevelopment.


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Deuene Hickman – Executive Director

Deuene Hickman is the Executive Director and founder of Quality of Life, Inc. He began his journey of mentoring, coaching, and empowering youth more than 15 years ago and has yet to look back. With a deep rooted passion in helping at-risk youth and their families, Hickman parlayed his business

Reginald White – Qualified Mental Health Professional

Passionate about advocating for youth, White’s passion extends from his love to help others.  With an array of experience in coaching and consulting, non-profit, and executive management, and higher education. White has over 10 years of experience as Qualified Mental Health Professional, providing Intensive In-Home and Mental Health Skill Building

Brady Payne – Professional School Counselor

Brady Payne has served the community as a school teacher, mentor, life coach, and an intensive in-home counselor.  His cultural proficiency allows him to accurately identify community needs, and provide appropriate services and/or resources to meet those needs. Payne currently serves his community as a professional school counselor in a

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Quality of Life, Inc.

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