Truancy Prevention

Our Truancy Prevention programs, Leading Ladies of Tomorrow and Guiding Gentleman of Tomorrow are evidence based cognitive skills training programs for reducing and preventing and truancy among youth focused on reducing risk factors and skill building. In this psychoeducational group model, the program provides a dual approach to targeting criminogenic needs such as controlling impulsive behaviors and improving anti-social behaviors and attitudes. The target population includes students identified as needing assistance with overcoming barriers that challenge their ability to maintain proper school attendance and involvement, thus leading to a domino effect of other various barriers. This gender specific program promotes the development of values and attitudes, positive decision making, academic/vocational training and community resource linkage using components (lesson plans, measurement tools, and incentive structures). Activities are designed to encourage communication, trust, and personal growth, building the foundation to eradicate risk factors contributing to truancy.  Activities are engaging and range from reflection and journaling to interactive team building modules.

Program Goals:

  • Increase attendance
  • Decrease defiant behaviors
  • Increase effort
  • Increase motivation
  • Identify and in a healthy way, express emotions
  • Identify/develop values