Re-entry Services

Quality of Life Inc.’s Youth at Work (YAW) program is designed to support youth ages 16-24 who are either on parole, probation, or returning from incarceration from a Department of Juvenile Justice Facility. The Youth at Work program prepares participants for employment through soft skill development, hard skill development, job coaching, job placement, life skills training, mentorship, and community service. This closed session program is designed to meet the unique needs of the youth being served with the necessary skills and employment opportunities to successfully enter and sustain employment in the Hampton Roads area. Youth at Work serves as a vital component in helping to prepare youth for the successful transition into the world-of-work whether now or later in their academic careers.

Program Goals:

▪ To provide career specific educational experience to youth.

▪ To provide career specific occupational experience to youth.

▪ To equip youth with the required soft skills and hard skills necessary for efficient work experience.

▪ To match youth with a mentor in their career field of interest.

▪ To provide mentoring services necessary for removing behavior barriers and improving decision making skills.

▪ To provide mastery of life-skills necessary for promoting self-resiliency and being productive citizens.

▪ To provide services and recommendations for additional recognized needs of support (such as substance abuse, mental health services, etc.)

▪ To provide adequate case management services to support youth’s successful reentry back into the community.

▪ To reduce recidivism.