Executive Committee

Deuene Hickman – Executive Director

Deuene Hickman is the Executive Director and founder of Quality of Life, Inc. He began his journey of mentoring, coaching, and empowering youth more than 15 years ago and has yet to look back. With a deep rooted passion in helping at-risk youth and their families, Hickman parlayed his business savvy and organizational skills to create a foundation that supports children and families, senior citizens, veterans, and the homeless. Hickman has been recognized as one of Hampton’s leaders in philanthropy and voluntarism. Hickman is also the C.E.O. of Quality of Life Counseling Center, a for-profit service dedicated to the preservation of the family unit through individual and family services.

Michael Babbs – Executive Director of Education

 Michael Babbs is a graduate of Norfolk State University and Regent University with a diverse background in Education and Project Management. Michael having delivered over 12 years of progressive expertise in curriculum development and inclusive pedagogy, used his love for community and education to collaborate with families, district-level staff members and school leaders to improve the lives of children. Michael developed and implemented restorative social justice programs and employed inclusionary practices necessary in addressing as well as eliminating concerns on diversity within the school culture and student awareness. As the Dean of School Culture, Michael led initiatives on fostering a community-building circle for teachers and leaders within New Haven, Connecticut, which led to a reduction in school suspensions by 11% and an increase in employment longevity plans by 16%. 

Board Member: Habi Abu-Bakr

Habi Abu-Bakr, born and raised in Ghana, West Africa brings a wealth of financial knowledge and literacy to Quality of Life Inc. Habi, has been a Director with World Financial Group for several years. As a Director, Habi educates families on financial concepts and help them get on a better path to Financial Independence. Habi has brought many of those learned concepts and best practices to Quality of Life Inc. to help ensure the mission and the vision are upheld.

Board Member: Demetria Johnson

Demetria Johnson, a native of Norfolk Virginia brings a wealth of Human Resource expertise and knowledge to Quality of Life Inc. Demetria has worked in the Human Resource department for over 20 years. Demetria holds a Doctoral degree in Ministry.

Reginald White – Qualified Mental Health Professional

Passionate about advocating for youth, White’s passion extends from his love to help others.  With an array of experience in coaching and consulting, non-profit, and executive management, and higher education. White has over 10 years of experience as Qualified Mental Health Professional, providing Intensive In-Home and Mental Health Skill Building services to individuals ranging from adolescents to adults.


Brady Payne – Professional School Counselor

Brady Payne has served the community as a school teacher, mentor, life coach, and an intensive in-home counselor.  His cultural proficiency allows him to accurately identify community needs, and provide appropriate services and/or resources to meet those needs. Payne currently serves his community as a professional school counselor in a Title I school. His passion for education and helping others led him to the public school system. Payne founded Change Makers United, Inc. as a means to bring communities together and give back to those in need.  Brady earned a Bachelor of Arts (Interdisciplinary Studies) and a Master of Arts (Counseling) at Hampton University.    He is also the Director of Youth Development for Mind Over Money, Inc.  Additionally, Brady is enrolled at The College of William & Mary as a Doctoral Candidate in the Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership program (with an emphasis on K-12 Administration); his degree will be conferred May 2019.  Brady’s ultimate goal is to use his leadership skills to help bridge the opportunity gap and cultivate sustainable change.